Monday, May 28, 2007

Jonnis day out

Jonjon was lucky enough to be treated to a lift to the city on the weekend. he didnt shut down many spots but he was sure to let this ledge know what a k grind feels like on its not so smooth grinding edge.
get that hand off the wall jonni....

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Getn Lazy

I should really be keeping this thing updated more often if im gona bother doing it, being lazy sucks so heres some shots for you kids that keep asking for them.
just some old ones of Jez tearing apart a local backyard pool that is long gona so dont bother asking where it is.
just a couple of front side carves.
look at his shadow and it reveals that jeremy is really a wearwolf.....
and an arty shot of what keeps the beast going in his natural environment

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Golden Oldies

Well since i made the title i changed my mind about what photos im gona put up now so theyr not so gold and old, you might still like them but...

two people doing the same trick over the same gap.
both wearing the same shoes aswell...

this ones Frodo... and Matew
and the arty ones of James

Saturday, May 12, 2007

A Hobbits Business, interview with

A local hobbit from the shire of fremantle, just trying to get noticed in the big wide world of consumerism,
Rowan Williamson has been a long time ripper on his board who seems to be able to skate just about anything you put in front of him in any stance that he wants. whether its flipping into some well locked trick at woolies or switch boneless 360ing down an above average sized gap hes in control of his board.
But recently this hasnt been enough for Frodo, over the last year or so he has been working on putting together his own company named Tré Apparel. With much support from the perth skate scene Frodo has just officially launched his first set of limited edition prints.

Sup Fro hows it feel to be the first interview on the photos of Aids blog?
Yeh i know its not that special...

What made you want to start up your own clothing company?

Well when I was a grommet all of my money was getting absorbed by boards and shoes so instead of buying skate shirts I used to just make stencils and then bust out the old tube of fabric paint and a paint roller or sponge on a Targét shirt.

Frodo ventured out of the shire of Fremantle one day on an adventure to the big city where he conquerd this hip with a switch fsflip

How did you get it all going in the beginning? Basically I had been hustling the link for so long that gave me three choices; I could do work for the dole, get a full-time job (fuck that) or the NEIS program… Basically the government pays me to start my own small business. It’s taken me 6 months to get this far, by the end of the year I should be supporting myself.

What kind of image is Tré going for?

Tré is not loud. Everything’s so loud these days, it’s all self promoting bullshit. Tré is more subtle, consider a falling leaf, it breaks away from the tree and seeks its own path that is Tré. Tré is not what is said, but what is not said.

Recently you held the official launch in Freo, what exactly went down?

My first ten “WOOLSTORES FOREVER” tees were finally put on sale at Momentum. It was supposed to happen the week before but it rained like a mofo. Coinciding with the launch there was also a couple of games of skate going down around the corner… A year’s hook ups by Tré was won by a French dude, Raphael, closely contested by young Tyson (damn that kids got tricks!) The carton of Cooper’s was won by Quayde.

Most hobbits like to stay close to the ground,
this one likes to try and climb walls on his skateboard

So is there much planned out for future of Tré?

The sky’s the limit. At the moment I’m just taking it one step at a time.

Any more events like the game of skate?

When I drop my next designs I was thinking of organising something similar to the last one. Except this time I wana have beats, eats and more ledge skating.

Putting a team together?

That’s all in consideration too, but like I said I’m just gonna take it one step at a time.

Tre Apparel touring Australia?

Yeah if I can hustle someone else to pay.

Do you have any tips for anyone looking to do something like you are?

Do your homework, talk to HEAPS of people…

One day Frodo came across these magical golden shoes that taught him this new trick
ollie over to back lip slide

And finally, who would you like to thank for helping you bring it all together?

The Ring, Aids, Karma, DIAS, Raoul, Margaritas, Schmorgs, Deadly Wesley, 20-11, Johnny Howard (never thought I’d say that), G-man, all my homies, Mum and The Boss.

Click Here For Tre Apparels Own Blog

Monday, May 7, 2007

Fun Time in Freo

Had a fun pretty much all day skate at the netball courts yesterday, thats fun for these two kids who decided they didnt have anything else to do except try and have a go on everyones board even if it was Frodos in the middle of trying a trick. im pretty sure they were there when we turned up and they were still there when we left once it was getting dark.

If that wasnt enough then this dog turned up and tried to attack anyone who rolled anywhere near the bank. but apart from that the day went alright and a few hammers went down.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Coming Soon

Coming soon to the only blog with aids....

im gona start doing mini interviews with peopel about stuff to make this thing a little more interesting. First on the list is mr Frodo whos Tre Apparel interview should be popping up sometime this week or maybe later in the month have to wait and see.

for now heres a sneak preview of the hobbit bs flipping over a bump to stairs

this may or may not be landed yet im not sure, he did stomp atleast but