Monday, December 28, 2009

The Apprentice

Rin Hutcheson is definately a little up and comer in the Freo skate scene to keep an eye on. Hes only 13 but skates like someone much older. Unlike a lot of kids his age that just tend to throw themselves down the biggest set of stairs they can find, Rin can skate any ledge or transition and with the speed and style to make it look good as well. He seems to be pretty unlucky with injuries at the moment sadly so hasnt been shredding as much, but i have been trying to teach him how to use a camera... give him something else to do while hes out and about for now. heres a little collection of mixed media i had lying around of Rin.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Mans best freind?

I dont like this dog, and he doesn't like me.
Every day i skate to work down this quiet little bush track to the beach i have been attacked by this angry little mut. I meen we know some dogs hate the sound of the hard wheels smashing along the bitumen but this is insane. He is the gaurd dog at some industrial yard i go past and from nearly 100 meters away i have been gauranteed to see this thing coming flying around the corner and strait for me trying to tear my ankles off until i am forced to get off my board. Anyway i needed to finish off a roll after shooting some maysive hammers so thought id get try get some of the pup, was not easy taking a photo of something that would not stay still constantly circling and snapping... My old dog used to be terrified of cameras he would run and cowar at the sight of them, and seems this one may have been the same. I dont know if the dog now associates the sound of the skateboard with the soul stealing lense i carry around but i havent been hassled by the thing since!
there is a few other arty photos at woolies from the batch as well, including some of some nice treats Dom brought back from Melbourne.