Saturday, April 28, 2007

What next?

Not too much excitement today just some horsepad action, bowring did something a bit more fancy for me but my camera decided not too be able to take enough photos so it didnt get it all in. Anyway Noddy pulled this out of nowhere....
Getn his hangten on this nosemanual.
look how surprised he is, you can tell hes never done it before

Thursday, April 26, 2007

MonkeySay 13

All go peep the new MonkeySay i think its issue 13 im not sure, Got some good perth coverage in there as always with Alex getting in there with an interview and a spot checkout thing on one of perths well known street spots. I got my closest thing to a published photo so far with a couple of old shots of Alex ripping at his local like most people dont usually try and skate it and another that youl have to check the link to see dont miss it.


Aussie Day

What more could you want then a public holiday in the middle of the week, a wednesday its the perfect lifestyle someone please make this a new worldwide law or something!!!

well it was a pretty slow moving day where most the time was spend at woolies as usual and i shot the best stuff of the day probly in the first half hour after that we trecked out to a few other spots but didnt get any great results cos the sun goes down too early these days and i havnt realy had a chance to figure out the flashes on my new camera.

So heres what i got to show you, my first sequence at woolies.
Noddy with a flip 5-0 180 the reaaaaaaaal way

Monday, April 23, 2007

Tre Days

What a weekend..... the first with my new cam and one to remember.

Starting with an amazing breakfast on a beutiful sunny day and ending with just about the complete oposite, KFC in some of the shittiest weather imaginable.

Fros game of skate went amazing but i dont have any photos of that, in all my gear i dont even have a simple punt an cluck to get the moments.

Props to Tyson who played an amazing game in the finals of the unsponsored but couldnt pull through with all the lets just say, different.... tricks this french guy had.

nice work to Quayde aswel.

Anyway no happy snaps so to go with the Tre Day heres Alex popping a pretty nice one while we were sheltering from sundays downpour.

nannup ollied this massive gap at the spot aswel but i havnt gotten around to putting the fliks together yet. maybe some other time.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Where it all begins

Well it all starts from here i gues, the first sequence iv ever shot, and it was at night time so i had to try and figure out the flashes and stuff.

We got kicked out twice before i even had the camera out so was a little rushed and didnt have time to figure out how to get things going just how i wanted.

So anyway heres Fro doing a switch 5-0 180 out,

dont worry im hopefully gona learn to get this all down over the weekend

Check the steezt dismount at 3 frames per second

Also check out his clothing company Tre Apparel,
officially launching tomorow (Saturday)


Iv been a bit lazy with the posts this week, not keeping the people satisfied sorry.

i got a couple of shots back but havnt gotten around to the scanning but i also got myself a fancy new digi slr to get my sequence on so il put one of them up as soon as i shoot something with it.

for now heres an oldy of Matew doin a switch 180 down the set at mlc that most people dont bother with.


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Who lays

Well we all know Mr Campbell here does, he pretty much got enough footage for a whole interview in this day. It was easter monday and we went to about 5 difrent spots around melville and did something amazing at each wether it was amazing hammers down gaps or crazy grind to manual combos he had something where ever we went.

This spot the rail is atleast waist high but he 5050d it prety much first go i think, then he 5050 transferd over it aswel.

too bad i didnt do a better job of the photo this spot was amazing

Sunday, April 15, 2007

What a weekend

Well this weekend wasnt very eventfull photowise, Saturday was just full of chilln and well Sunday decided to rain more then i can remember for a long time, got a bit of skating done as it seems perths ghetto freeway spot is back in action.

Seeing as i didnt get anything shot il post up an oldy to keep you interested, iv got a couple of rolls to pick up tomorow from during the week so there could be something from them.

Heres Alex popping over a road barrier into the bank

Thursday, April 12, 2007

More Chocolatey Treats

Heres a couple more photos from the easter weekend that i thought id let you see for now, theres pleanty more to come but youl have to wait for them a while, trus me theyr hammas.
in other news there could be some new additions to the equiptment pile very soon.
dont belive evrything you hear but theyr still just rumours

Heres Manson repn the globbas with a bs heel

ollie over. to noseblunt, this spot is chunks

Another bsheel from Yuta

Self Props

thats right i dont just take the flics i star in them aswel. Jackson got himself i nice new digi cam on insurance so i went to lay some sw shuvs for him in the freo back alleys,

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

New Spots

I got some of the shots from the easter weekend back today but havnt had a chance to scan them all yet so heres just a couple, One of frodo olling over to a nosegrind and one of ben grinding through someones sink in freo. more stuff went down at both spots but youl have to wait and see that at some other time.

Should be pleanty more to see tomorow so keep watching

frodo nearly broke a kids leg at this spot so he gave him $5,
then hustled the cash back off the kid with a backflip
Then he went and learnt a new trick, maybe second shot i think it was here
this isnt the trick but

Friday, April 6, 2007

Easter Hols

So we all have an extra long weekend thanks to the chocolate festivities so il hopefully be shooting away quite a bit of film over the next few days,

heres a sneak peak at what you can expect, this is from a couple of weeks ago, Alex Campbell switch crooking out of one the tightest kickers onto a ledge thats not even flat. an 180 out

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Weekend comits

Heres the few photos from the weekend all from the same place but, Noddy doing a tre bowow doing an impossible and Mclachlan doing a nollie hard.
I got my hands on a new flash today courtesy of ranga jackson i havnt tried it out but iv been told its a good peice of equipment gota try it out as soon as possible.

big pop

prety big pop

what pop........

Sunday, April 1, 2007

more to come

I took a few photos this weekend so they should be up in a couple of days when i get paid and can afford to get them developed, unless theyr shit then you should be seeing them otherwise il put up some old stuff to keep the millions of people who have found this already happy.